Corpora Dental Plans

Importance of Oral Health

Why is your oral health so important?

We are sure you know that cleaning your teeth, flossing twice a day and paying regular visits to your dentist is vital for maintaining good oral health.

But do you really know why?

When you visit your dentist they will carry out a detailed check of your overall oral health and offer advice on how it can be maintained and improved. They will also be able to look for early signs of:

Gum disease

Tooth decay (caries)

Failed fillings or restorations

Mouth cancer

Tooth wear due to grinding

Tooth wear due to heavy tooth brushing

Tooth wear due to acid erosion

Bite problems

Did you know that numerous different types of lesions and diseases can be identified in the mouth?** The early signs of diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and strokes can all be spotted during your regular dental check-ups.

Keep your teeth in top condition

At Corpora, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Identifying and treating problems before they become more serious can prevent dental pain and the need for invasive treatment. Identifying dental problems early not only keeps you dentally fit but can save you money.